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Files for sinix_201905

Name Last modified Size
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CD-DEV-MI-04_97.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:12 99.4M
CD-DEV-MI.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:11 37.4M
CD-SYS-MI-07_97.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:12 109.6M
CD-SYS-MI.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:12 79.8M
CD-WIN-MI.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:13 160.2M
CD_WIN_HMNPY.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:12 154.2M
COB-OSX-MI-CD.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:13 3.8M
COMM-SW-CD-06_97.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:13 220.2M
COMM-SW-CD-MI.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:13 149.3M
Software_RM_Systems_Cebit_97_Edition.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:14 134.2M
Software_RM_Systems_Middleware_2nd_Edition_10_1995.img.bz2 16-May-2019 01:14 91.2M
sinix542.tar (View Contents) 16-May-2019 01:13 140.1M
sinix543.tar (View Contents) 16-May-2019 01:14 1,002.4M
sinix545.tar (View Contents) 16-May-2019 01:14 407.9M
sinix_201905_archive.torrent 16-May-2019 01:16 32.2K
sinix_201905_files.xml 16-May-2019 01:16 5.0K
sinix_201905_meta.sqlite 16-May-2019 01:15 30.0K
sinix_201905_meta.xml 16-May-2019 01:16 638.0B